Insurance Adjusters

  1. Obtain a sample
    1. Corn: Preferably 10 pounds (minimum 5 pounds) & Wheat: 3 to 5 pounds.
    2. Store sample in a nylon or a clean cloth bag (pantyhose work great). Do not use paper bags since they often break open during the transport. Also do not use plastic bags because they hold moisture and may cause mold to produce.
    3. Moisture needs to be less than 20% for us to perform the Mycotoxin tests. (Sample cannot be ground properly if more than 20%).
  2. Supporting Documents needed.
    1. Testing Form with Signed Waiver – (Identification number should be your claim number and if you have multiple samples with the same claim number, please mark them XXXX-1, XXXX-2, XXXX-3).
    2. If you need results higher than 100ppb for Aflatoxin or 5.0ppm for Vomitoxin than you will need to request Supplemental Analysis be performed.
    3. Payment (Checks only please &the check will be the receipt unless requested otherwise).
  3. Please ship or drop off your samples and all documents at one of our two facilities that process Mycotoxin tests.

    Eastern Iowa Grain Inspection
    1908 S Stark Street
    Davenport, IA 52802
    (563) 322-7149 phone

    Eastern Iowa Grain Inspection
    1205 N Blackhawk Blvd
    Rockton, IL 61072
    (815) 624-4149 phone

  4. Certificates will be sent to Insurance Company only.
  5. If you have any questions concerning the test or grading of the samples, please contact Daryl at (563) 322-7149 ext. 202. If you have questions concerning billing/pricing or certificates please contact Brenna at (563) 322-7149 ext. 208 or Megan at ext. 209.


Submittal Forms: