2016 Crop Quality
Oct 6, 2016

 On a limited number of samples (less than 500) we have found Cob Rot (mold), Blight and Sprout damage ranging from 5.0% to 30.0 % in total damage. The soybean crop looks good as usual.


EIGIS has ran mycotoxin tests on a limit number of samples for Aflatoxin, DON and Fumonisin. Aflatoxin results have been below 0.5 ppb. Don results have been as high as 5.1 ppm. Fumonisin results have been ranging from 3.6 ppm to 10.0 ppm. I sent 4 new crop corn samples to Charm Sciences laboratory to confirm our results. They did find Fumonisin in the corn samples comparable to our results. The FDA Fumonisin guidelines for human consumption is a maximum of 2.0 ppm or 4.0 ppm depending on the product.


For information and limits go to the links below:

Cob Rot:


I would like to point out it is very early in the harvest and we have seen a limited number of samples but from all indications the wet weather conditions has harmed the corn crop. Hopefully when harvest gets into full swing these issues won’t continue.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


Yours in Service,


Mark Fulmer

Agency Manager